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Herman or Richard Serpe. July 18, at The Court will upload the transcript from the status conference once it receives an official copy from the Court Reporter. The Court may set another monthly status conference for later this month. January 18, Exhibit On this date, in accordance with PTO 28, Brown Greer, the Court-appointed Settlement Administrator, provided a list of claimants who have not yet cashed their settlement checks from the settlement administrator. A list of those individuals is attached in the following Exhibit. June 7, Notice of Compliance On this date, in accordance with PTO 28 F , Brown Greer, the Court-appointed Settlement Administrator, provided notice to each individual counsel of the actual recovery amount s of each claimant represented by the individual counsel identified in an Exhibit attached to the Notice of Compliance.

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I would like to avoid a true drop ceiling because of the loss in headroom, but I don’t necessarily want to just put up drywall because of the sound transmission – the basement will be rented out, so the more isolated, acoustically, I can make the upstairs and downstairs, the better. I saw an idea somewhere – a manufacturer’s website, actually, can’t remember which one though – about gluing acoustical panels directly to the joists.

I’ve never heard of that being done, would that work? I guess I could still do resilient channels, but they seem to be prone to short-circuiting, and I have yet to find them in stock anywhere. O-C says Lowes and others sell it through the pro desk, but the guys at the local store had never heard of it. Basically, I’m looking to minimize sound transmission and maximize head room without spending a fortune.

Dating Houses The hardest house to date is a link home. As home inspectors, we have some tricks for figuring out the age of a house. In newer subdivisions we pick up dates from manhole covers, sidewalks, and curbs. This will give you an idea of when the subdivision was built. Again, this information must be used carefully. It will tell you the age of the window but not necessarily the age of the house.

If they are all the same, you have just figured out how old the house is or the date when all of the windows were upgraded. On houses built within the last 20 – 25 years, you will often find a sticker on the outside of the electrical panel indicating the possession date of the house. If you can be sure that the furnace or the water heater is original, the gas inspection sticker on either of these appliances is a good indication of the age of the house.

Porcelain plumbing fixtures usually have a manufacture date stamped into them. The easiest place to pick up a date is off a toilet no jokes. If you remove the lid from the tank, the date will often be stamped on the underside of the lid and also inside the tank near the water line. The date is usually on the right hand side of the rear portion of the tank when you are facing the toilet. The date inside the tank is more reliable than the date on the lid because sometimes lids get broken and replaced.

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Back of plaza Midland Ontario. Preview Items If you wish to view any items in person please click the link below to set up an appointment. Items will be moved from your bids and status page to your invoice page. Please do not rely on email to tell you if you won or were outbid. If you can not make it in on time for whatever reason you can pay online with interac email money transfer or request that we send you a paypal invoice to pay online with credit card.

While many people still consider chlorine bleach a safe cleaning method for removing mold and mildew it should be noted that chlorine bleach while not long-lasting in the environment does create a class of long-lasting substances known as organochlorines which can be extremely toxic. For example, the most carcinogenic substance known today is dioxin which is an organochlorine produced in various applications of chlorine bleaching, or the incineration of PVC.

Hydrogen peroxide, unlike chlorine, does not produce harmful organic compounds when used for removing and destroying molds and mildews, and its high oxidizing power ensures it will destroy the mold or mildew completely when applied correctly. Mildew and Common Mold Around the Home For simple mildew and mold in bathrooms and around refrigerator door seals, window sills and other common mildew and minor mold growth areas a simple 3 percent solution works very effectively if given time to do the job.

Apply a direct spray or liquid just pour it straight onto the surface and let it work for up to twenty minutes. Then wipe clean with a cloth dampened with H2O2 to finish the job.

How to Patch a Hole in Your Drywall

It can use small hooks to grab the board, carry it across the room and then drill it in the desired spot. Robotics are common in manufacturing sites, such as auto plants, but those machines are stationery and carrying out the same task over and over, often in sterile and enclosed environments. Robots used in construction sites have to move around. Although much of what they may do is repetitive, they still have to respond to uneven floors and zigzagging routes, depending on a building’s design.

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A large number of ideas come from your customer feedback. It’s the inspiration that drives innovations in design and new product features. Facebook and Instagram can’t take credit for that. Industry Recognition Northwest Seat Covers is an Award Winning line of seat covers that has been recognized by some of the largest retailers in North America.

Whether it’s nominations or wins for “Rookie of the Year”, “Most Valuable Partner” or “Vendor of the Year” it’s a true honor to be recognized by the aftermarket industry and our peers. Custom-Fit seat covers are designed to fit a specific vehicle. For many of the models, “Proof-of-Fit” photos were taken as a guide to help us refine the fit during the prototyping phase.

Our database matches the correct size of cover for each and every model of vehicle that was tested. It’s a feisty semi-custom seat cover with plenty of character and a work hard attitude. With a heritage of patterns dating back to , we’re proud to offer seat covers for more than makes and models. Use the vehicle selector above to start shopping!

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Lee Lu What is public relations and why should you use it? There are many reasons which can be associated with incorporation of public relations in your business. Public relations entails dealing with the public while on the other hand media relations is deals with the press to reach to the public.

A good drywall knife is made from stainless steel, and has a metal heel for pushing defects into the surface of the drywall. Square the Hole The first thing you need to do is cut the hole into a square or rectangle. Grab your drywall saw and square up the hole. Add the Backer Board I like to fit the backer board inside the hole and then start a screw to give me something to hold onto. Put four screws in to hold the backer board in place, and be sure to countersink the screws just below the surface of the drywall.

Cut a New Piece of Drywall Use your drywall saw to cut a new piece of drywall that fits into the hole. Cover the Joints with Tape Mesh tape has adhesive on one side which makes it easier to position. Use the tape to cover all the edges. Grab your 6″ drywall knife and apply your first coat. Make sure you embed all the mesh tape, and try to eliminate any air pockets. Smooth it out as best you can, but remember that this is only the first coat. Second Coat While the first coat set up, I mixed another small batch of compound.

How to Patch a Hole in Your Drywall

Originally Posted by gregzoll Again, do you realize that it takes years to be around the material, before you show complications. Coal miners still have “Black Lung” disease, even though they take precautions, but it takes years for it to set in. Coal is different from asbestos, the coal dust basically clogs up the lungs, you essentially lose the air exchange capacity, i. Gypsum is a nuissance dust, but unlike coal, sand, asbestos, gypsum breaks down in water.

I can tell you that if you leave any gypsum plasters in water like a bucket of water, it begins breaking down and decays. In the moist lungs this process would happen on a smaller scale, the lungs can repair and clean.

It is a new building material that eliminates the paper facing traditionally used on sheets of drywall and replaces it with fiberglass mats. Read on to find out if it is an ideal option for your next drywall project. Traditional Drywall Basics The walls and ceilings of most newer homes consist of sheets of drywall, sometimes known as sheetrock or plasterboard. Most drywall consists of gypsum sandwiched between sheets of thick paper.

It is attached to the studs of the wall during the installation process. When installed properly, drywall creates a smooth surface for walls and ceilings. So what is the problem with regular drywall? The paper lining provides a good environment for mold. In the case of household mold , what you can’t see can hurt you. Mold can cause allergic reactions and irritation. The moisture-resistant core is covered on the front and back by fiberglass sheets.

The paperless drywall line includes 3 different types:

Japanese construction robot can pick up and drill in drywall by itself

Drywall is made of gypsum plaster, which is then pressed between two thick sheets of paper. Builders worldwide use drywall when constructing the interior walls and ceilings of a house. Chinese-produced drywall became popular as U. As much as million pounds of Chinese drywall is estimated to have been imported into the United States between and , according to an Associated Press analysis. The number of CPSC Chinese drywall complaints stood at a little more than 1, as of October , according to news reports.

Try these simple and time tested tricks to find studs in a plaster wall the next time you need to hang something in your old house. The third trick is my personal favorite because it never fails! Though there may be an occasional free floating box in an old home, you have an excellent chance of finding a stud on one side of the box. To see which side the stud is on, take the switch plate cover off and take a peak inside.

Either turn the breaker off, or be careful not to touch any wires before attempting this or you can get a nasty shock. When you knock on wall sections without a stud, you will hear more resonance from the hollow space behind.

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