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To those of us who experienced the 60s and 70s it hardly seems like those years would qualify as history. Surely we can’t be that old! The Second Half of the Twentieth Century as History But as we are swept into the 21st century the years from to have become a significant period of our history. The world changed yet much remained the same. There is always a special feeling of accomplishment in making something instead of buying it. America’s Bicentennial and the Current Quilt Revival?

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The problem with this familiar stereotype is that it doesn’t go far enough. Quilted garments padded Crusader mail, quilted linens adorned Renaissance bedchambers, and quilted Evangelists were treasured at 15th century monasteries. The evidence is scattered and sometimes hard to recognize, but quilts and quilting were hardly alien to pre-colonial Europe. The word quilt is derived from the Latin culcita, meaning a padded and tied mattress.

Jun 26,  · Clues in an Old Quilt When we are dating old quilts we use comparative dating, that is we compare the fabric in question to similar fabrics we have seen before. The blue strip is so unusual I have very few similar fabrics in my memory : Barbara Brackman’s MATERIAL CULTURE.

I’ve been asked if the Kentucky Graveyard quilt would be an appropriate design for a Civil War reproduction quilt. I shall ramble on here. For years Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell’s medallion quilt picturing a cemetery and coffins in the center was described as one of a kind. There are two of a kind. One of my theories is that people rarely make an amazing quilt like this out of the blue.

In the case of Elizabeth Mitchell there are two related quilts: Another Biggs descendant had donated that quilt in the s, but the link had not been established by the museums. The mural artists took some liberties, according to the Herald-Dispatch: So now people can see what it would look like and it looks really good.

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By BrannanS My husband has a denim quilt that his mom made him when he was just a kid. It obviously meant a lot to him, so I wanted to do something similar for our kids. It really was as easy as it looked — but it was also much harder.

Aug 02,  · “Clues in the Calico: A Guide to Identifying and Dating Antique Quilts” by Barbara Brackman is a good starting place. The book presents a system for dating heirloom quilts based on five characteristics– fabric, style, color, technique and pattern.

We meet at 9: We have classes and trips, a yearly raffle quilt to benefit charity and we do a show every three years. Visit our website for information. Gone-to-Pieces Quilt Guild of Alpena has over members. Our general meeting is held the 1st Thursday 6: We are a very active guild, each year we complete a raffle quilt to benefit the homeless, over 25 baby quilts are donated yearly and we participate in various other community activities.

We have classes, lectures, bees and yearly camps. We meet at 7: Annual quilt raffle to support our charity. Our workdays are the 2nd Wednesday each month.

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Linen Fabrics Click on images to enlarge them in separate windows. To order Linen Fabric: The finest flax linens came from Ireland and Holland.

A quick reference to the characteristics of fabric and design of quilts from until the present. Helen Kelley shares her collected notes on quilt styles, fabrics, fillers, sizes, borders and edges, patterns, signatures, printing techniques, dyes and s: 3.

Posted by Julie Jaybird Quilts at 6: I’ve been hosting a quilt auction on eBay every other September since to raise awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer. The kind folks at Soak Wash have donated travel size bottles of Soak that will be included with each quilt. This is Nathan’s first appearance on my blog! Our son was born on Thursday, August 9, He’s supervising this year’s auction and running the snuggle security operation for the quilts.

Here’s the quilts that we have up for auction this year: The quilting by Teresa Silva is so eye catching on this one. This lap-size Lotus quilt was made with our wedding colors for the celebration of 30 years of Kona Cotton for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. This Science Fair quilt is one of the lap-size cover quilts featured on the pattern cover.

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Are you a fabric collector, quilt collector, appraiser, or antiques collector who needs to know specifics about fabrics or quilts? Then this book is for you It will help you identify, date, and recognize antique fabrics and their uses in quilts and clothing. Over 1, color fabric swatches are listed in this handy, easy-to-use reference guide. You’ll be able to identify fabric dating from the pre era through the Second World War.

Dating Fabrics – A Color Guide – [Eileen Trestain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Textile appraisers and collectors of fabrics, quilts, and antiques can use this book to recognize, identify/5(76).

But there turned out to be far more squares almost ! We also wanted to arrange the rows so the direction of the seams alternated for less bulk where four corners would meet. But then they had to be carried to the sewing room! How to keep them in the correct order? We used one our favorite sewing aids – pink tape – otherwise known as Floriani Embroidery Perfection Tape – to label the row numbers and make sure we stitched them together as placed.

This tape is so handy for so many things – check out our other posts! It sticks easily but doesn’t leave any residue – it’s definitely better than painter’s tape or masking tape! And it’s so pretty! Using it to mark our rows let us take a few at a time to the sewing area and keep everything in order.

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If you were to read one of the popular women’s magazines during the ‘s you could easily miss the fact that they were published during the depression years. Hard times and suffering doesn’t sell magazines or products. One way they did this was by including new quilt patterns, tips and stories in their issues. Quilting was one activity that a woman could do to fulfill her desire to be creative while still making something practical for her family.

Warm bedding was welcome on cold nights and the lovely patterns and fabrics brought a simple beauty to the home. The quilt could be made from sewing scraps and from out-grown clothing, so very little expense was involved.

Dating Fabric: samples made by Pacific Mills, c. Lawrence, Massachusetts. Size: x I have some of these in reproduction fabrics for quilts. Samples Made by Pacific Mills See more. from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, i.e. The Met Museum Find this .

There are years of events leading up to it as well as years of recovery after. So when we think of Civil War era we are really looking at many years of quilting The story of Civil War quilting is a mixture of fact and myth. The oral tradition may not give us absolutely accurate information but it often reflects a greater truth of our pride in our country and hopes for its future.

Stories of the Underground Railroad There are intriguing stories of how quilting was used to help the slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. A Log Cabin quilt hanging in a window with a black center for the chimney hole was said to indicate a safe house. Underground Railroad quilts, a variation of Jacob’s Ladder, were said to give cues as to the safe path to freedom.

We imagine women secretly sewing fabric pieces together to be used as signals. It is disappointing to learn that research on the Underground Railroad has found no evidence that this actually occurred. But these stories have been told from generation to generation filling our imagination with visions of quilting being a part of the flight for freedom.

In her article on the Underground Railroad block Barbara Brackman tells us, “As a quiltmaker I’ve always loved the pattern and the secrets hidden in the name. But as historian I’ve come to realize that there are no known quilts in this pattern dating back to the days of the Civil War or to the decades before the War when the Underground Railroad flourished. These names are all bring to mind the Underground Railroad and the Civil War but the first Log Cabin quilt documented in the United States is dated after the Civil War had began and the pattern wasn’t really common until after the war.

Dating quilts – a brief overview

Amish[ edit ] Amish quilts are reflections of the Amish way of life. As a part of their religious commitment, Amish people have chosen to reject “worldly” elements in their dress and lifestyle, and their quilts historically reflected this, although today Amish make and use quilts in a variety of styles. In Lancaster, Pennsylvania , early Amish quilts were typically made of solid-colored, lightweight wool fabric, off the same bolts of fabric used for family clothing items, while in many Midwestern communities, cotton predominated.

Classic Amish quilts often feature quilting patterns that contrast with the plain background. Antique Amish quilts are among the most highly prized by collectors and quilting enthusiasts.

The List discusses antique quilts, methods and fabrics used and the life and times of the women who made them. Dating quilts – a brief overview. by Kris Driessen, Hickory Hill Antique Quilts Backings were often of linen, which was considered a utility fabric. Early ‘s quilts were usually large ( X ), and often whole cloth.

These times were politically turbulent and impossible to summarize in a few brief paragraphs. This article should be considered an overview only. The issue of slavery was a thorny one for the new government. Southern slaves were vitally important to the economy of the southern states, which depended on the production of labor-intensive crops such as sugar, coffee, cacao, tobacco and rice.

Southern states agreed to join the United States of America only on the provision that they were allowed to keep their slaves. Congress was well aware of the both the importance of southern crops to the economy of the United States and the importance of slave labor to the production of these crops. As the country expanded westward, provisions were made for slavery to continue. Yet as each new area was opened to slavery, the voices of abolitionists anti-slavery proponents got louder. At that time there were approximately 1.

Anti-slavery sentiment in the North continued to grow in the early ‘s. The Missouri Compromise established a boundary between the slave states of the south and the free states of the north at the state line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, the Mason-Dixon line.

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History[ edit ] Early functional quilting[ edit ] The word “quilt” comes from the Latin culcita meaning a stuffed sack but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte. In archaeologists discovered a quilted floor covering in Mongolia. They estimated its date as between BC to AD.

Vintage quilts were made from the s to , while quilts deemed antique date back to years ago or more. A quilt made in the s or earlier is also considered antique. Identify Handmade.

Of course I sell vintage quilt fabrics on eBay and related items so I use this book a LOT to identify the era of the fabrics I collect and sell. If you read my My eBay page, you will know where I got my fabrics! I like the smaller physical size of this book – and that the hardcover opens flat, and the guts of the book are SPIRAL bound, inside. That really makes it easy to use.

There are 6 time periods in the book, beginning with fabrics pre wow, I’d like some of those pieces! Each chapter has a written narrative describing the characteristics of fabric from the era which is very informative. This author really seems to know her stuff I’ve taken classes from Barbara Brackman, Helen Kelly and others too, so I do have some perspective and views of other noted experts in this field.

I like and use this book a lot. It is more geared toward the earlier years though, so if you need more emphasis on the 20th century, you might want to look at the next volume that focuses on fabrics from This is a Very Informative Book, that takes the novice down the road in History beyond the Civil War to learn how to see for yourself when a fabric or piece of cloth may have been made. Learn how to save money and most importantly how to spot those quilts or items that are much newer than advertised.

In no time at all you will be absorbed in reading this book and ready to hit the streets – yard sales, goodwill, auctions and flea markets armed with enough information to hopefully help you choose the right bargain you had in mind.

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